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Are you ready to transform your life?

Thank you for being on the call for the launching of "Energize & Thrive!"  I congratulate you on committing to giving yourself the monthly Support to keep your mind, body and spirit balanced, open and aligned in Higher Consciousness.


$100 for Two Tele-Healings PLUS ONE FREE Ticket

$150  for Three Tele-Healings Plus TWO FREE Tickets for you to use or give to someone else!


For those ready to grow beyond conditioning, I offered you a Private Session to see, understand and shift the core emotional and physical conditioning that limits creation, self expression, happiness and health.

Integrative Core Healing  1 & 1/2 hour Private Session $140  (You Save $35)





As I shared, the key to lasting changes is learning how to apply the Emotional Wisdom to:

  • GROW beyond releasing limits and judgments to healing them!
  • GROW beyond thinking positive by developing "Unconditional Trust, Power, Love & Confidence.
  • Grow beyond learning life principles to Living Them!

And applying the Life Wisdom to:

  • GROW beyond embracing abundance consciousness by learning the "OTHER" laws of creation that are necessary to manifest emotional and life changes with greater ease and effectiveness.


How? By developing the Integrative Emotional Wisdom that helps you develop UNCONDITIONAL BELIEF PATTERNS.

  • How to heal the UNCONSCIOUS CONDITIONING  which is the real reason old feelings keep coming up and your sense of power, self worth, trust and actions are negatively affected by others, results and life circumstances.Heal the self doubt, frustration, overwhelm and anxieties that limit creation.

Unconditional Trust, Power& Confidence

Unconditional acceptance, love and compassion for yourself and others

Unconditional Connection with Source and the Consciousness to live and create in partnership with Life.

Unconditional Health & Happiness

Unconditional Abundance and Prosperity