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The first time I encountered personal growth and life principles I was 19 and was at motivational seminars for selling Amway. I would read books such as Think and Grow Rich, the Power of Positive thinking and attend these inspiring events and I would open to believing anything was possible! Then I would go home, and my low self worth and limiting mind chatter would kick in and I would lose steam. At the time I didn't know that opening to higher awareness also produces a process for clearing out my limits. Not having the awareness of skills to heal these limits I kept doing affirmations and telling myself to think positive, which helped to a degree, but it also didn't stop the mind chatter from coming up!

ive years later, my mother in law talked us into going to a seminar called context trainings.  the introductory evening was great, but as I listened I thought, I had already learned from books what they were saying, but my husband could use some confidence and if he would 'get it' maybe we could resolve our problems. I may have signed up because I thought he needed it, but once I was there it was very clear that I needed to 'get it!'

From working with their seminars I had basic skills and support for developing new patterns.

After this, I was invited to a church that then added in additional steps such as unity and co-creation with God (The energy of creation that flows through and connects all things.)  As I embraced these principles of unity, abundance and creation I began to hear within me a higher knowingness. It took years to fully trust this guidance but once I did, it began a journey when I was frustrated to better understand the principles being taught. years later, I had drastically changed how I had used these principles to succeed in business and to change alot of core beliefs.  But I still had a lot of the old mind chatter and doubts that kept coming up and I wasn't producing the level of results I believed possible in all areas of life.  So I kept asking both my spiritual teachers and my psychology professors, “Why do these limiting beliefs and feelings keep coming up and what do I need to believe or do differently so they don’t? How do I consciously let go when I get triggered and return to trust? How do I develop a higher level of faith in what I want to believe and more consistently feel the higher consciousness I'd embraced - even when life doesn’t go as planned? And how do I apply these life principles to heal the health issues facing me and to be of service to people doing this work?”

All they would tell me was to just be with it, let go of my limits and keep believing in a positive way. To keep doing affirmations, meditate or some other basic steps and eventually I’d get it! This was very frustrating because I was doing all these steps and more devotedly and it was only taking me so far! What I finally realized  was that as amazing as these teachers were, they couldn’t teach me these steps because they didn’t know them either!

Fortunately, what I had learned from these wonderful teachers, was a foundation that had opened me to working with and directly receiving higher guidance.  It just took time for me to trust and believe it fully due to thinking 'who am I to know such wisdom?' As I turned 100% to this source of all creation within me it escalated my growth process and I began to have what I later learned were spontaneous soul awakenings and soul retrievals. As I began to trust this voice that said to share what I had learned with others, their feedback helped me to own that this deeper wisdom for transformation was my gift and sharing this is one of my  purpose' on the planet.

An example of this occurred the first time I committed to a 60 day mediation practice. As I asked God to help me understand and live this higher wisdom, I was suddenly having visions and what I later learned were shamanic journeys. It was as if God had said, “Now that I have your attention, there are some things I want to teach you!” At the time I didn’t realize how unique or special it was to receive information in this manner. I assumed that everyone had similar experiences when they committed to living in unity with Life/God. It wasn’t until many years later that I learned these experiences are how shamans learn the deeper aspects of wisdom and healing.

As I continued to learn how to better apply these principles I developed the wisdom to change beliefs on heartfelt levels and to apply ALL the Laws of Creation and other life concepts so they always worked!  This produced in me a heart and mind even more open to seeing beyond what I had learned to believe about who I was and how life worked. As a result, I began to experience spontaneous and profound core connections and soul retrievals that opened me to even higher levels of awareness.

In this same manner of learning from Source I learned to read peoples unconscious patterns, to guide them to shift on core levels and advanced energetic and shamanic healing. I was shown how to live and love unconditionally in order to heal unconscious conditioning, to work with elemental energy and to open doorways that take people to where they need to release illusions of limitation and to reconnect consciously with their divine core self. I also learned that chakras are more than energy centers; they are doorways for tapping into and changing conscious and unconscious belief patterns and for connecting with your Core Self. And that it was the unconscious conditioning that is the real reason your energy, heart and feelings open and close automatically. And that though energy work and other 'techniques' may open their energy, it is only through conscious choices that you can heal these patterns and create lasting change.

I learned that Chakras are also part of a built-in guidance system for developing the inner foundation to live and create in Partnership with Life. Each chakra represents a stage of awareness and creation.  As you learn to apply and live the lessons of each chakra, which is a level creation), you develop the wisdom and life skills that produce a level of consciousness and life skills that produce higher and higher levels of health, happiness, self worth, success, and wonderful relationships.

This journey was and is the most amazing experience of my life. From it I have developed the inner wisdom that takes the frustration and struggle out of transformation and to live life far beyond what I ever dreamed possible. Most of all, I am blessed to be able to help others do the same. I hope you will come discover how to live unconditionally and to grow and create beyond what you believe possible or have learned to create so far!