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Why Integrative Core Healing produces lasting changes

Go beyond releasing limits by developing the emotional, physical and energetic changes that produce a higher level of balance, wholeness and supports manifesting the life you desire!

Have you done years of powerful personal growth, energetic healing and emotional release work but still have the same mind chatter, feelings, reactions, health issues and limiting results coming up again and again?

Do you judge yourself too harshly for having certain feelings, negative thoughts or being judgmental?  For not being able to change these feelings or generate the positive feelings you want? Does it feel like a struggle at times to think positive or change your feelings?

Are you emotionally or physically drained by other people, that you're too sensitive to the energy of others? Tired of being cleared of other people's energy only to have it come back?   Linda takes you beyond the basic techniques others teach by helping you heal the underlying patterns causing emotional, physical and energetic hyper-sensitivities.

Are your feelings dependent upon how others feel? Upon whether or not you can help them to feel better? Do you ignore your needs and feelings and put everyone and everything first? Does the idea of expressing your needs asking for help or saying no and setting boundaries make you feel bad?

Have you been told your health issues coming up are stress related or emotionally based and have done emotional release work and the symptoms still keep reoccuring? (See Emotional Wisdom)

Are you mental with feelings and embracing higher awareness? Would you like to 'feel' higher awareness more consistently?

Are you generally confident, positive, believe anythings possible and have a good life, but find yourself feeling anxious, depressed or having chronic health issues?


Do you feel a need to control circumstances or the process of creation? Would you like to feel capable, confident and empowered however the process is going?

If you answered yes to any of these, you are not alone. Many people are doing powerful and transformational healing and it only goes so far because it rarely includes the Emotional and Life Wisdom to develop new heartfelt patterns and to apply the steps that will UNCONDITION your mind and create lasting changes.

If you haven’t been able to create lasting changes emotionally or to attain the level of success, health or relationships you desire it’s because . . .

  • You’ve only healed a belief, or released the energy of it, not shifted and healed the entire belief ‘pattern’.
  • You haven’t healed the underlying core belief patterns and conditioning that cause you to automatically suppress, deny or ignore your feelings, needs and limit self expression and creation.
  • You haven’t fully developed the level of unconditional consciousness that will produce the level of positive emotional and life changes you desire - yet!
  • You haven't healed the attachments that maintain unconscious conditioning, which is the real reason limiting feelings and health issues keep coming up again and again.
  • You haven't learned to apply all the steps necessary to create the level of health, happiness, relationships and success you desire at the level and consistency required.  As you learn to understand and to apply all the Laws of Creation and Emotional Wisdom it will produce the ability to more effectively co-create with the energy of Life.    Which heals many limiting beliefs.

One of the reasons you haven’t been able to create the level of emotional, physical or life changes is that as powerful as the work you've done is, it's not the entire process.  Linda's comprehensive wisdom takes you beyond a 'shift or emotional relase to healing the entire mind, body and spirit pattern.

An important aspect of this process is healing the core illusions and unconscious attachments that maintain unconscious conditioning. It is these automatic patterns that are why you respond to results, other peoples behavior or how the process of creation is going as you do. It’s why even if you've done years of healing and growth the same emotional and physical limits keep re-occurring.   The key to healing these patterns is to change how you relate to and deal with your feelings. A large part of this is due to ingrained ‘conditional’ belief patterns most healers aren’t aware of that are the root cause of limiting beliefs and behaviors, self judgment, mind chatter, emotional reactions, and other feelings that limit creation, love and freedom of being.

Another reason is that people confuse emotional release techniques with doing all the steps that would more fully heal these ingrained patterns.  Many emotional release techniques don't shift or fully heal the pattern they just release the energy of stuffed emotions out of the body. Which I do also, but combine it with the deeper steps for emotional and energetic integrative work.

Other times people experience a profound shift in consciousness in which they no longer look at themselves or life the same way only to have this over time fade and the old 'stuff' come up again as strong as ever.  This is is because they didn't know how to apply the emotional wisdom that changes how you relate to and deal with feelings as they arise and to heal the ingrained attachments that are part of why feelings keep coming up.   When applied correctly and consistency, the steps of Emotional, Life and Energetic Wisdom restores you to a higher state of balance, wholeness and heartfelt consciousness that changes how you live, relate and experience life.

What makes Linda unique, and her work so empowering, is that she doesn’t just tell you to believe differently, she shows you how! She doesn’t tell you to love and accept yourself, own your power, or to let go of fear, mind chatter or self judgment, she shows you how!

In each session you will heal the core beliefs that maintain limits and the unconscious conditioning combined with embracing on heartfelt levels the higher consciousness that will support healing and growing beyond what you currently believe possible.  This is combined with advanced energetic healing to clear the emotional and physical imbalances and blockages caused by these limits and the guidance to integrate this in your daily life.   As you apply this wisdom to your daily life, you will develop the emotional muscles, wisdom and life skills that produces amazing results and takes you beyond ‘mentally knowing’ life principles to living them!

A powerful part of Linda’s energetic healing is her ability to connect you consciously and on heartfelt levels with your Divine higher Core Self and from that with Source.  Some of this is regaining the higher awareness that heals your soul and other times it’s taking you to a level of consciousness beyond what you’ve experienced.   As you consciously embrace this aspect of yourself and live FROM this awareness of unconditional trust, love, power and abundance, it takes the struggle out of personal growth and transforms how you live, relate and create in the world.


The lessons for applying Emotional Wisdom 
heals the patterns that maintain unconscious conditioning!

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