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Emotional Wisdom

It's become more widely understood that to change our feelings or life circumstances we must change what we believe. The challenge is how to do it!

Integrative Emotional Wisdom empowers you to sustain living higher consciousness and manifest the level of health, positive feelings, relationships and success you desire.

If you’ve learned to believe in higher consciousness, learned tools for shifting beliefs and experienced powerful healing or expansions of awareness, but haven’t able to sustain the positive feelings, energy and seemingly magical results these can produce, it’s because you haven’t healed the core conditioning or develoedp the inner foundation and life skills necessary to produce and sustain the level of inner and outer changes you desire.

Integrative Wisdom does!

Along with teaching and connecting you with higher consciousness I also teach you how to apply and live it in daily life. Thus, instead of telling you to own your power, let go and don’t judge or to believe in and love yourself, I show you how. How to un-conditions subconscious patterns, stay aligned with higher consciousness and develop the inner foundation that transforms how you create, relate to and experience life

Does this mean I need to learn to understand and apply all this before I can feel better or create results? No! The moment you apply any step of emotional wisdom you will feel an immediate emotional and physical difference in how you feel. It’s just important to understand that part of the process of creating lasting changes is staying conscious with your choices in order to develop the level and consistency of healing and  transformation you desire.


I invite you to come discover how to take the struggle out of transformation.

How to:

  • Stop feeling powerless, not enough and having your power, confidence, happiness, inner peace and other positive feelings yo-yo based upon results, other people’s moods and behavior or how you feel.
  • Heal the root causes of limiting beliefs, judgments, stress, low self worth, anger, fears and doubts, grief and over-reactions
  • Alleviate anxiety, depression, overwhelm, PTSD, panic attacks and feeling constantly ‘on guard’.
  • Feeling powerless, not enough, unsupported by life and in life.
  • Heal why you stuff your feelings, needs and dreams
  • Transform why you are negatively affected by or drained by other people’s moods or behavior and take things ‘too’ personally.
  • Why you over-react, shut down, stuff your feelings and needs, and don’t express yourself openly and freely,
  • Emotional eating, addictions and co-dependency.


Give to yourself the compassionate and empowering support that heals the subconscious conditioning and develops the belief system that changes how you relate to yourself, others, feelings and life circumstances.

  • Own your power and stop giving it away!
  • Feel consistently confident, optimistic, happy, peaceful and aligned with Spirit however life is going
  • Experience unconditional trust, freedom of being, surrender, intimacy with others and have more fun!
  • Love and accept yourself and others
  • Understand and heal the empathic, sound and other hyper-sensitivities that cause you to be negatively affected, overwhelmed and drained by others feelings or the world around you. FYI – Conditioning is stronger for highly intuitive and sensitive souls.
  • Feel okay to ask for what you want, make your needs a priority, and to set and enforce healthy boundaries
  • Develop the communication skills to be heard, understood and receive from others the support you desire
  • Have more fun and enjoy life more!
  • Feel fully present, desirable and confident in your body!

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