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      1. More is Possible!

        More is possible because who you are and what you're capable of is more than what you've learned to believe and create so far!

        I understand how euphoric it can be to open to higher consciousness and beginning the journey of transorming your life. I also know how challenging it can be to find the solutions and wisdom to sustain and live it. Especially in today’s world of marketing over-hype, it can be challenging to find the deeper wisdom to grow and heal beyond the basics. Hi, my name is Linda White and I created Integrative Core Healing in the 90's because I had learned to live life principles and create all sorts of inner and outer transformation, yet found there were gaps in the wisdom to take it to higher and more consistent levels.

        From 18 years and over 22,000 hours of healing work I've developed the emotional wisdom and energetic healing skills to tune into and guide you to shift in even your first session the root causes of ingrained emotional pattens and many chronic health issues.  My clients experience a huge difference emotionally and physically in even the first session, many do have physical issues go away, AND let's just be honest, to sustain it, especially if you're addressing ingrained patterns and chronic health issues, there's more to do.

        What I will promise you is that if you are open and willing to partner with me, you will manifest and sustain a higher level of health, happines, confidence, loving relationships, success and spiritual expansion

        Please explore my website and if you have any questions you can email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to schedule a FREE 20 minute phone consult.  This gives you a chance to connect with me personally, and from our conversation provide some insight into how I can empower you to create the level of emotional, physical and life goals you desire.

        My website is in redevelopment and transition to a new site.

        1. More is Possible with Integrative Core Healing

      Whether you want to heal physically or emotionally, want to experience loving and empowering relationships, increase prosperity or you’re seeking to experience and live higher consciousness on a heartfelt level, I provide the comprehensive wisdom and advanced energy healing skills to transform the core beliefs, unconscious conditioning, hyper-sensitivities that affect how you relate to yourself and others and life circumstances. What makes this healing method so powerful is that insbesides guiding you to create core shifts and feel better physically and emotionally, it includes the wisdom to sustain and live it.



      1. Each persons journey is unique so your session is customized using the following services and others not listed.

        Core Pattern Transformation Identify and shift the root cause of ingrained belief patterns, automatic conditioning and hyper-sensitivities causing how you feel emotionally & physically. My ability to read your subconscious patterns helps you to see and release faith in the core beliefs that were formed from your past experiences. These experiences are the root cause of present day feelings, judgments, reactions and life patterns that don't serve you. As you release these I energetreplace it with the hearatfelt higher awareness to experience the trust, confidencebelieve in yourself and manifest the inner and outer transformation you desire.   Read more

        Advanced Energy: As you release t energetically release the build up of agreement with the beliefs formed from past experiences along with the tension and stuffed emotions these caused. I then restore you to a state of balance and wholenes that revitalizes your body, mind and spirit.   Read more

        Modern Shamanic Healing & Divine Soul Connections: Experience and embody the unconditional trust, love, acceptance, confidence, freedom and peace of your divine higher self and soul. Thus, instead of telling you to let go, relax, trust, don't judge or take it personally, or to love and believe in yourself ...   I reunite you with the part of you that sees beyond the limits of learned beliefs because it lives in total awareness of unity with Source and how life really works.     FYI – this is not a guided visualization. Read more

        Integrative Emotional Wisdom After shifting on core levels and connecting you with heartfelt higher consciousness I show you how to apply in daily life the wisdom to consistently sustain and live it. I empower you to apply in daily life  to apply the wisdom that strengthens and develops faith in the belief patterns that will produce how you want to feel (trust, confidence, peace, happiness, unconditional love, etc.) and unconditions the automatic conditioning and hyper-sensitivities that cause your old negative reactions, judgments to keep coming up.  Not understanding how to correctly and consistently do this phase of transformation is why you still have old reactions come up even though you 'know' better.

        A core shift can feel so huge you may feel you don't need to do these steps, and  The steps for healing these are different than the steps most teach for shifting a belief. Thus, intead of telling you to love and accept yourself as is, let go of limiting beliefs and judgments,  don't take things personally, or to own your power and believe . . . I shows you how to do these and more!  How to unconincrease confidence, trust, acceptance, surrender and more that transform how you relate to yourself and why you respond to people and circumstances as how you do. how you relate to yourself, others and life circumstances.


        Manifestation Wisdom: Own your power, embrace abundance consciousness and apply ALL the Laws of Creation to develop the unconditional confidence and wisdom to consistently manifest the level of health, relationships, success and positive feelings you desire.

        Health Wisdom: The advanced energy healing I do restores physical, increases the flow of energy and accellerates the healing process. For some the result is instant, for others it's a process depending on what the root causes are and where you are in your process of healing.  In addition, having chronic or mild health issues is stressful in and of itself, what compounds the problem is having beliefs in the way of self care, feeling bad if work and other areas of life are not doing as well, or not knowing how to deal with the feelings that come up from having challenges that you haven't been able to fully transform.    Knowing you need to change eating patterns, ask for help or set boundaries doesn't mean you know how to do it or have the belief system that supports doing it.

        The CDC reports that 80% of chronic health issues are stress related and 90% of stress is due to how we perceive and relate to ourselves, others and life situations.

      and empowers you to manifest health, happiness, love and success beyond what you believe possible or created so far!

      Hello, My name is Linda White.

      In the process of arriving here you may have learned to believe in higher consciousness, to shift your beliefs and experienced profound transformation. You're here seeking to heal and grow beyond this because as wonderful as what you learned and experience was, it only took you so far.

      I understand how euphoric and transformational it can be to open to higher consciousness and learn tools for shifting your beliefs.  As a result you feel more positive, empowered, happy, energized and supported by life. What made this even better was that in addition to feeling better emotionally, as you shifted the people and world around you changed in a positive way. Results and opportunities showed up seemingly out of the blue, people treated you differently, health issues cleared up and life became a much more magical place to live.

      I also understand how frustrating it can be to open to higher consciousness and release limits, but not be able to sustain these feelings or the positive life changes that came from it. Which may have led you back to repeating what you did because, hey, it helped and of course will help again.  Over time though, you come to realize that the old patterns keep coming up again and again because as powerful as what you've learned or shifted has been, it doesn't do everything. Including how to integrate the emotional, health, spiritual and manifestation wisdom that is key for creating lasting changes.

      I understand because I went through this  myself in the 90's. My journey began in the 80's where I embraced my true nature and partnership with life and from this created a successful business, a childrens church and to experience a level of personal confidence, happiness and surrender that was bliss to me.  Yet, as powerful as what I'd learned, I found certain feelings continuing to come up again and again, and though I had become a master manifester and perception/feeling shifter, certain health and other life goals weren't happening as easily. I'd always felt there were gaps in the wisdom for transforming ingrained patterns and living the life principles I'd learned.

      So I began to seek and found the deeper wisdom for healing the unconscious conditioning, which is why old feelings keep coming up, why we react and respond to people and circumstances even if you know better and why we stuff emotions, dreams and create as we do in the world. During this journey I experienced profound expansions of consciousness (naturally, not drug induced) from which I  merged the spiritual, psychological and manifestation wisdom I'd learned and developed my innate gifts as an energy healer and shaman to address the entire mind, body & spirit aspects of healing.  One of which is to connect myself and others directly with higher consciousness combined with how to develop the inner foundation to sustain and live it. This included how to apply the Emotional Wisdom that heals the unconscious conditioning which is why old feelings keep coming up, why we judge, stuff emotions and react and respond to people and circumstances even if you know better

      The different aspects of Integrative Core Healing brings together all the wisdom I'd learned from my own training and personal journey and have continued to evolve the last 18 years. I am grateful to have been given these gifts and honored to be of service to you.



      Linda helped me to feel my true power and stop judging myself.  She helped me to better apply the life principles I'd learned so that I stayed confident and trusting however results were going. From that I was able to finally create the level of success I knew was possible but hadn't been able to achieve. Her ongoing integrative work for healing conditioning is like nothing I've seen before and as a Life & Fitness Coach I felt I'd seen it all!    -Jeanie Callen-Barat

      After  years of therapy, emotional release work, tapping and energy work  I still had the same issues re-occurring.  After our first session, I felt a level of peace and trust I'd never felt before.  Sarah McAdams

      Linda has helped me to express myself and get my needs met. The work we did saved my marriage!  --Karen Masters

      I stopped reacting. shutting down and be drained by others. I got my energy and my life back. - Susan Jennings

      After one session a lump on my thyroid was just gone! The doctor couldn’t find it anywhere. –Linda Long

      Linda helped me to heal my anxiety and depressive thinking and enjoy life again.    -- Martha O'Conner

      In our first session I felt a level of connection, trust, support and freedom of being I've never felt before and the constant pain I usually feel was gone.   -- Steve Wilson

      As a successful and confident CEO I didn't think I needed such work and only came because my wife made me. I'm so glad she did. She helped me to heal where how I dealt with my feelings and my wife's was making it impossible for us to resolve our differences.   As I learned to 'uncondition' these beliefs I stopped needing medication for high blood pressure, needing to control everyone and as she says, enjoy life Mo' Better! -- John Aikins.

      (Read More)



      Lasting Emotional
      & Physical Healing!

      Core Beliefs &
      Unconscious Conditioning!

      Beyond What You
      Believe Possible!

      Confidence, Joy, Power
      & Abundance!

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    If you're wondering if Integrative Core Healing is what you need, the followingquestionaire to

    Do you know that you need to let go and trust, own your power, love, accept and believe in yourself . . . but not how to do it?

    Are you ready to go beyond releasing limiting beliefs and judgments and  heal the root cause of these?

    Are you generally optimistic, confident and successful but lost touch with these feelings?

    Are you dealing with health issues, anixiety, PTSD and depression issues that traditional and even holistic health therapies aren't fully healing?

    Have you experienced and not been able to recover from traumatic events, divorce, loss of job or loved ones?

    Would you like to experience the unconditional peace, trust, confidence, love and abundance of your divine higher self and soul?

    If you've opened to higher consciousness, would you like to sustain living, relating and creating from this higher awareness?

    Do you judge yourself for not being able to stop judging, reacting, taking things personally, feeling negative feelings or for not creating the level of positive feelings and life results you know is possible?

    Do you want to feel comfortable expressing your needs, feelings, boundaries and unique self?

    Would you like to stop taking on, shutting down or being drained by other people's feelings and energy?

    Would you like to stop having your feelings of trust, confidence, love and acceptance, personal power, peace and happiness yo-yo based upon other people's moods or results?

    Would you like to experience the confidence and freedom of being to live your dreams, love unconditionally and to be and express your unique self?

    Do you want to experience loving, supportive and empowering relationships where you get your needs met as much as everyone else?

    Do you believe in abundance consciousness and other life principles,  but still haven't been able to manifest the level of prosperity you deserve?

    Would you like to stop struggling with addictions and heal the primary causes of your craving?

    Are you wanting to develop your intuitive or healing skills personally or professionally?

Have you done years of healing and personal growth but still struggle with releasing the same old judgments, limiting beliefs and mind chatter?

What is Integrative Core Healing? 

Hello, My name is Linda White. I created Integrative Core Healing and Emotional Wisdom because in the 90's after years of learning to live life principles, personal growth and healing I kept finding there were gaps in the wisdom to transform ingrained emotional, physical and life patterns. I didn’t know it at the time, but what I learned was that the missing steps, the missing wisdom was how to heal the automatic unconscious conditioning. It was these ingrained patterns that is why even if people have done years of transformation, even if they’re generally confident and positive, they keep having the same judgments, limiting mind chatter or life limits coming up.  It’s these patterns that cause people to be negatively and positively affected by other people and circumstances and though similar the steps for healing these are different than the core healing and release work most are doing.

Why doesn't the healing work currently available heal these patterns fully? Well to be honest it’s out there but taught in pieces but not all the wisdom or steps for fully healing these root causes of our why you automatically respond to life as you do.  Just as you need to put all the ingredients to make a carrot cake in the bowl to create a carrot cake so it it is with fully healing core conditioning.

What makes Integrative Emotional Wisdom unique is that it is 'HOW TO' understand and apply to daily life the principles most people teach so it always works.  Thus, instead of telling you to let go of judgment, own your power, love and accept yourself, etc., I show you how to do it. How to apply it to daily life, feelings so that you develop an UNCONDITIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS which is key to healing conditioning. This was the wisdom of HOW TO let go of your feelings being defined and caused by other people, circumstances or feelings themself! How to develop the wisdom to apply acceptance to heal judgment, own your power to heal doubt, overwhelm, anxiety and so many other pieces of Emotional Wisdom that take the struggle out of shifting feelings. Which of course increases trust, faith and other positive feelings and makes them UNCONDITIONAL!